Saturday 15 June 2013

AIF5 Okavango Delta

a fish eagle watches over the lagoon
its silence softened only by sporadic splashes
of poles punting their makoros
along hippo highways created nightly
through the swaying stands of papyrus

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Moment in Oulu,Finland

I was  there in February on a work trip

Stands of silver birch
upright legs from off the snow
table cloth over northern soil
a frozen downie over sleeping waters
ice locks a stranded boat which stands forelorn as woollen heads gloved and booted make warm bubbles bobbing through the midnight moonlit day

AIF4 - It's all in the name

Various unusual and comical establishment names seen during our travels through Zambia

Golden Pillow Motel
Bit by bit grocery
Flambouyant  School for Specisl Children
Plastic Groceries
Pimpers Pub
Sparkles Car Wash
Eaten today thank the farmer
Greenbelt Fertiliser
Bullion Bureau de Change
Top  view Minga Rags (clothes shop)
A bus called Better Days
Bit by bit restaurant
Mfuwe Lesa Hair Salon