Wednesday 23 December 2009

Tawa Toast - a result!

One of the biggest disappointments for many of the volunteers whilst staying at the India Social Insitute hostel in Delhi for our in country training was the lack of good toast for breakfast - it was always underdone and soggy. Indian eat rice dishes for breakfast, here in Orissa a fluffy dumpling like think called igli is the dish of choice - it is Ok, but is dished up with cocunuty sauce, chilli and curry - not the breakfast for me! So after two weeks now in Rayagada it was high time breakfast toast was back on the menu. The question was how to make it without a grill, toaster or similar. Answer - one tawa! An indispensible pan for eggs, omlettes etc. It is like a griddle pan, smooth metal which gets very hot on the stove top.  The only difference is it is not quite flat. My mother always had a griddle pan to hand and made pancakes,or dropped scones as the English call them, on it.  I still love these hot of the griddle, running with butter. So this morning the tawa was out and put to use to see if bread would toast on it. A result! Good crispy toast with lashings of butter and honey, with a nice cup of tea. Mornings are back on track :)

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  1. Congratulations - it's little things like decent toast that can make all the difference! Toast for Christmas dinner maybe?