Wednesday 30 June 2010

Goody boxes


Suddenly I am replete with goody boxes. After Eleanor's arrived 10 days or so ago, I feasted on Kit Kats, Oat biscuits and really very good Dorset Cereal muesli and read letters from the boys. Then a couple of days ago a packet came from Hilary, an ex vol. This was the one with the Jasmine tea and the hair treatments I am so in need of.  Then today, 2 parcels in one day - a second from Hilary with tins of fish and muesli bars, with another hand written letter and one from Ken delivering bodily goodies like deodorant, decent bug repellent, a cobber to replace my disintegrated one, and spectacles cleaner. He expertly used the innards of the toilet paper to house the bottles safely! Ace packing Ken! Clearly I am now benefiting from all the practice you got in the South Pacific sending packages home to Sally :)  I feel totally spoilt especially as I believe there are more packages en route - a classic case of glut and famine. Will it be possible to keep up this 100% delivery record? Remain tuned to find out.

1 comment:

  1. MAybe we should have an agreement and send each other boxes with stuff. Or hand written letters ( I have not received one in years...I get cards sometimes, but letters, NEVER!)