Tuesday 19 October 2010

A little bit of Italy in Orissa!

This past few weeks I have been replete with goodies. I don't want to put folks of sending stuff as believe me it all goes very quickly and is much appreciate as it breaks the routine of veg and the boredom of always having the same thing time after time. The past few months I have been inundated with aubergine, and over the next few months it will be cauliflower.  There will come a point in time, mid January last year, where I really don't want to see another cauliflower ever again!
Seattle star cuppasSo the first package to arrive was full of teas - the best drink of the day - I am sipping a peach and ginger tea as I write. It makes a wicked iced tea, very refreshing! A present from CR book club buddie Theresa in USA, sent in response to one my posts
Delhi delightsNext came fellow volunteer Brooke from Delhi to work with me on a specific project. She came, having done a shopping trip in the Delhi stores, with half her luggage full of my purchases. Two days on the Sampta Express and I am surprised she had raided them to keep going!
Oh and no prizes for guessing correctly what was consumed first! Yes Gerry it was your wine. Lovely! :0 
Next came one from Judy in the UK, oats, tins of fish, oatcake biscuits - sorry no pictures as by that time my camera had packed up :(
Then last weekend as I have previously reported I raided Omar's shop in Koraput. So I have been indulging in nice treats such as pasta in a walnut sauce. I didn't even miss not having parmigiana or a sprinkle of parsley - who am I kidding! But it was delicious, simple, unfussy, no spice, no chilli, a bit of Italy in Orissa!
Thank you all!

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