Monday 22 August 2011

In the true spirit of the www….

every so often one comes across something that makes one sit up and take notice because it just hits the spot.

I cannot praise this web site enough. Lots of very good tutorials on all sorts of subjects FOR FREE! I found them when I was trying to get up to speed really very fast on Excel 2010 which my NGO just got but I am still languishing on 2003! So of course folks needed training on Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel – the first three were fine but I was struggling to get some good example data sets for Excel, so I was hunting around on the web and lo and behold I found this site.  In the end we just used their Excel course. I can really recommend it.

Their tutorials are clear, concise, precise, understandable, broken down into bite size chunks, very suitable for self paced learning, with examples that work – very  professional. They have tutorials on so many topics from Basic  IT, to Skype, Windows to Microsoft Office, Open Office, Google Docs and so much more. Also general everyday things like How to use an ATM ! And in the true spirit of the www they are FREE.

So I am very happy to provide a little bit of free publicity for this Not For Profit initiative  supported by the Goodwill Community Foundation

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  1. As a writer for GCFLearnFree, this post made my day-- I am so, so glad that you're using and enjoying our site! Experiences like yours are exactly what we're aiming for. Thanks for sharing!