Saturday 14 April 2012

My neighbours


I was preparing my meal with the back door of the flat open to let in some air when I was aware of a man talking in Hausa on a loudspeaker and then a child singing, then another spell of speech and another singer. Clearly something going on I could make out odd words but nothing coherent enough for full sentences or real meaning. By the time I had finished cooking it was all over and people were making their way back home. Everyone was all dressed up in Saturday best. Now where did I put my camera! I managed to get only a few pictures from our balcony. Clearly I need to go out and sit with my neighbours one Saturday and try a bit of my Hausa out.

The container the boy is carrying is one that I have seen used to store cooked food in, so it looks like whatever I missed was a lunchtime get together.

P4140121 P4140119

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