Tuesday 10 June 2014

Then and Now

Inspired by the Billie Holliday classic, Strange Fruit, and for the two young Indian women recently raped and murdered.

"Strange Fruit" By Bille Halliday


Southern trees bear a strange fruit

Blood on the leaves and blood at the root

Black bodies swingin' in the Southern breeze

Strange fruit hangin' from the poplar trees


Pastoral scene of the gallant South

The bulgin' eyes and the twisted mouth

Scent of magnolias sweet and fresh

Then the sudden smell of burnin' flesh


Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck

For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck

For the sun to rot, for the tree to drop

Here is a strange and bitter crop


Then and Now


Bright golden sarees

a Holi melange of colour

the epitomy of elegance

even amidst the sand and cement of building works.


The Henna’d hands of painted brides

tinge the pure white turbans of immaculate grooms

in joyous hues of blushing unions.


The smell like roasted pig jars the morning air

the rope, tarred and strong, anchors

two strangely shaped aubergines in the forest trees

Blackened charcoal fired with a remnant of red silk.




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