Wednesday 17 September 2014

Return to Creative Writing Group

This week saw the restart of our Creative Writing Group. The tutor had us each write down on a slip of paper 5 characteristics of ourselves, excluding physical and other obviously identifiable ones. Shuffling the papers around we each then ended up with a set of characteristics which were not our own. We were then asked to write something using all 5 aspects: this was not to be about our fellow writer. The characteristics I received were Weird, Happy, Sad, Loyal, Intense. From these I wrote the following


The spidery finger stretches forth

across the firmament.

First contact

Wonder fill the boy’s eyes and heart

Friendship visualised.


Tears of sadness, tears of joy

Thoughts of homes far apart

The secret sour taste of parting

The ultimate sacrifice of letting go

a friend never forgotten.

© Sheila Ash, 2014


And in case you wonder what these words made me think of…..


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