Sunday 2 November 2014

Las esculturas de bronce de Alejandro Colunga en Guadalajara, México

The magician spreads his cape to work his magic

transmuting metal into gold

the alchemy of old

made manifest in a sculptor’s hands.

Giacometti like

they stand tall

in public view

for one

for all

to sit upon

to feast upon

the works of a man

and marvel at the works of men

of gods

of times past, present and yet to come

where one and all may come

to recreate the magic of old

of souls departed

of worlds long gone

a mystic river linking all to one for all time

rising as smiles on the faces of one

of all

as they each rise and fall

from chair to chair

transformed faces young and old

what fun we have one and all

behold the alchemy!


© Sheila Ash, 2014

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