Monday 23 February 2015



In the undergrowth, by dappled light

patiently, persistently

my reptilian guard lies waiting.

A stem hugging, leaf clinging sentry

anticipating a morning snack of passing insect.


With the rising sun warming his blood

encouraging circulation, inspiring elongation

my camouflaged guardian slowly stretches

one graceful limb by one graceful limb

into a lumbering swagger

out onto the corner of the house wall.


And there he stays

standing guard by my kitchen door

waiting my lunchtime return.


In cobra pose

this sun worshiper stares skyward.

His bearded flaps unfurled

catch rays bounced back off the concrete

catalysing life

pumping his heart, pushing his blood

ensuring the day’s work and the night’s survival.


Erect and proud

his head high atop his long back

the commander of all his dominion

surveys his world

his eyes watching me as I walk along the passageway.

My own private figurehead

in defiant ascendancy

this astral reincarnation of a dragon by my door.

Statuesque, dignified, poised

a soldier

armed and ready to pounce.


© Sheila Ash, 23rd February 2015

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