Tuesday 21 July 2015

A Horse in the Morning – Roger Ley

A friend has just written a memoir – A Horse in the Morning  - which is available on Amazon, the proceeds from which will go to the Smile Train a charity which provides hare lip and cleft palette operations to children worldwide and one that our "No Birthday Nor Christmas Cards Appeal" supported a few years back.


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  1. is it possible to get roger ley's email address pls as he wrote a chapter on a ship francis holmes and a crew member who was on the ship and saw everything can explain all about the explosion

  2. dddddd - if you can supply some contact details I can pass them onto the author for him to get back to you

  3. Please feel free to get in touch. I advise you to read the chapters 13 -19 if you are interested in the Libyan oil fields. I have had other inquiries about the explosion on the Francis Holmes and an article was recently published in The Times of Malta about the incident. I can send you this if you give me contact details.

  4. Dear Mr. Ley,
    I am Michela Bonett and I would like to get in touch with you if possible.