Monday 19 March 2018

Match Dot Com by Sheila Ash

Ad: Reasonably good looking ex professional sportsman, 6’, slim-average built, eats healthy, likes the outdoors, sports, seeking a slender, attractive lady, size 10-12, who lives within E Mids.

This cardigan charlatan
Bills himself as a sporty man
Camouflaging truth and face
in Faustian pact. He pays his dues
for unlimited access to schmooz
for unsuspecting dates.

He prowls the social media streets
A tom cat on heat
Looking for the unsuspecting
A 10 or 12 in size, a slender
beauty to greet his eyes
each morning and each evening.

Several pseudonyms disguise
his twisted whims. His roving eyes
implore from ladies’ gracious favours
Pursues his pleasures hedonistic
Seeking diversions sybaritic
to his own goal he never waivers

On Eharmany and Match Dot com
On Tinder and Badoo - A marathon
of choice dating
Each one made enticing
sounding fun and most exciting
his ad lies baiting

With eloquent abbreviation
bagged in easy flirtation
His conquests are a formality
With each passing of his role as cupid
his bank balance lushly boosted
a change of personality

another email another ipad
another site another ad
another soul lost and sad
another fool to be had

© Sheila Ash, 2018

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