Sunday 16 December 2018

The After life by Sheila Ash

I do remember Before -
walking barefoot in the park
lazing under the Oak
lost in a book.
I do remember Before -
Friday night dancing
bopping to the beat
drowning in the heat of bodies
waking up with tired feet.
I do remember Before -
the life supreme.

I do remember Before -
like its someone else’s story
not mine. A movie?
I saw no sign, heard no noise
till the hand stopped my voice
jostling me out of Before and into -
a Winter’s morning?
All tubes and disinfectant,
blurry lights through fuzzy eyes,
Why was the sky so white?
Frozen panic till voices crow in.
Questions. Questions.
Answered by crying faces
playing with tissues,
fingers touching
needles, adjusting,
People. So many people.

I recognised you cared.
Though for long, not you.
It’s safe, this home of yours. Still
I don’t go out anymore.

© Sheila Ash, 2018

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