Saturday 20 June 2009


Yesterday I got word that I've been accepted to undertake Organisation Development work for two years with an Indian NGO called Shakti as part of a volunteer programme with VSO . I'll be leaving early November and be based in Rayagada in Orissa province in rural east India.

I'm really excited, slightly nervous and I expect visitors! So check out the local tourism links and start planning Orissa Tourism and Orissa Tourism Bureau


  1. So is the VSO like the Peace Corp? What will your role be while you are there for 2 years? I am intrigued. Sounds like something I'd sign up for and then get a sinking stomach when I was faced with the reality that I actually was going and wonder what the heck I'd gotten myself into. Good for you!!!

  2. Molly, Hopefully the new post helps explain and yes I'll need a bit of moral suipport when that sinking feeling hits!