Friday 11 May 2012

The Woodcutter

The Woodcutter

by Reginald Hill

Did he or didn’t he? Was he or wasn’t he? Convicted yes but guilty, innocent or fitted up? Master manipulator or genuinely sociable bloke? Wolf (Wilfred Hadda) is a well written character, extremely real and a somewhat likeable albeit revengeful creation. The reader is taken half way through before it is revealed how the great man was brought down. Up to then the reader is as much in the dark as Wolf about how his downfall was orchestrated. Although both probably have their suspicions of whom, how this was achieved and how far through the socio-political establishment it goes, well that’s another matter. The reader is also wondering just how the free running youngster announced in the early stages of the book relate to the mature business man convicted of fraud and paedophilia. How many fingers are sticking in the pie, just who is playing mind games with who, who is fooling who, who is calling the shots, and how far will they go to keep the orchestration in tune?

 ashramblings verdict : This is a really good  4* thriller – well narrated by Jonathon Keeble who does a fine selection of voices, especially for Wolf.

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