Wednesday 6 July 2016


Carrying on our theme at our Creative Writing Group of looking at emotions, this weeks we tackled betrayal. Here’s my piece.

The wilderness of concrete blocks
Overgrown with grass and moss
Interspersed with remnant towers
Industrialised relics rusting down.

The corners, bare of buildings, stand
Desolate, deprived and sad
The only occupants of late
The hookers, dealers and the mad.

Lost generations, generating hate
Lives lost in an external wait
For betterment that never comes
For promises broken one by one.

Disappointment and dismay ingrained
Despondency ascends and reigns
Demoralised by poverty
Their only hope the lottery –

That dream of a chance to replace
This bleak and dreary wasted place
Of grey skinned gloom and leaden hearts
Once happy families torn apart

Let down by unions, banks and bosses
Suffering long and hard the losses
Of jobs, self-respect and pride
They grasp the last hope plebiscite.

Attentive to their inner voices
They put a cross aside their choices
And giving up their final prayers
Voted out those dammed betrayers.

© Sheila Ash 6th July 2016


Why we voted leave: voices from northern England from Guerrera Films on Vimeo.

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