Tuesday 19 July 2016

Desert Rose


Tonight the desert comes to Norwich
And I will dance the night away
Listening to the music
Remembering the starlight sky
Under which we slept.

Tonight the music will fill my heart
And I will sing your songs
To guitar strums
And pounding drums
And memories remet.

Across the world they travel singing
Songs of suffering and death
Of family and a nation lost
Of love and self respect.

Their message travels far and wideDesert-rose-big
From homelands turned to dust
Their voice a woeful desert blues
Of loyalty and trust.

For me they sing a memory
Cloistered deep within my heart
Of love across the desert
The sorrow of being apart.

Some say the desert’s empty
But they don’t have eyes to see
The wonders of its wildness
And the rose you gave to me.

© Sheila Ash 18th June 2016

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