Wednesday 9 November 2016

Rap lessons (1)

3 imperfect attempts at writing rap from our lessons with Kiran yesterday evening.

Exercise – use the words bottle, silence, power

Over the streets so dark and mean
flies the man in the mask unseen
Flooded are the streets with violence
Drowning in a well of silence
Out along the watch tower
up to the pinnacle of power
standing high the Batman
Surveying the city of Gotham.

Exercise – free topic

Tonight’s the night - gonna make it right -
when America decides on a rollercoaster ride
To grasp the chance to get down and dance
to the tune and the beat and the stomping of feet
in an era of change, with the heat of the range
Turn it up. Pump it up. Vote for Trump!
or to bring it on down at the cold light of dawn
to the great White House amidst all the noise
and elect the first of many a woman called Hilary.

Exercise – write about Dreams

My city of Dreams is not what its seems
Saturday nights hitting the lights
deep in memory the days of yesterday.
Limos outside Cool dudes aside
Abuja and Suya a star from the bar
in the Hausa man‘s hand. Viewing his land
where Oyibos meet the African streets
Chicken or beef Chilli and heat
Takeaway or stay Night and day
The food of the people from minaret to steeple
delicious staple in the place without paypal

© Sheila Ash 8th November 2016


  1. Great stuff, missed the rap badly, but next time in shar allah

  2. Yes hope Kiran does another session it was fun