Thursday 9 November 2017

White noise by Sheila Ash

Sex scandals scream incessantly
Fumbling breathless depravity
Stirring popular empathy
Media’s trivial recipe.

News and truth lie abolished
Is our BBC still honest?
Languishing in luscious lethargy
Mortgages paid but integrity
lost to an afterthought
Today’s commentariat comments not.

Musing at ministerial meanderings
Bar-room badgering and bantering
Concealing governmental incompetence
Whispering in gossipy confidence
Resulting in little but resignation
A mild muttering of indignation.
Acquiescing window dressing
Hidden agendas constant progressing.

Moghuls masquerade in many guises
Manipulating their enterprises
Shifting slight of hands accounting
Millions mounting, thousands drowning.
Distance denying food bank lifes
Children deprived of basic rights
Housed in unwanted offices
Siding stranded odysseys
Residences on roads to nowhere
Pushed away by warfare
Armed by welfare that doesn’t care
Charge ‘em for water, charge ‘em for air.

Dreams decay in desperation
Delusions despair in domination
Life imbalanced souls lie calloused
Quietly seething spite and malice
Against the empty mansions
Funded by offshore factions
Sunlight glints in benefaction
Incurable illusionary putrefaction.

Paradise papers light the nights
Scratching the itch of parasites
Lesions lacerating our nation’s health service
Dropping through austerity’s deepening crevice
Disenfranchised, lied to, left to fend and Brexit-less
Festering wounds map the side of social justice.

© Sheila Ash, 9th November 2017

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