Saturday 13 November 2010

Visiting our Old Age Home

I have visited the Old Age Home that Shakti runs 3 times now. The old folk are getting used to me being around and there is always a warm welcome.  When Judy and Catherine were here last week we took a trip over to see them en route to our School visit with a couple of our office staff.  As soon as we got through the house gate we were met by two of the women who came over and chatted away merrily in Oriya to me. The more I visit, the more I am getting to know the characters, the quiet ones, the weaker ones. As they get used to me the women are becoming more forward, touching and hold my hands, almost hugging me. Very unusual here, but very nice. What they were saying is still beyond me past the basics, and my attempts at Oriya often produce a few laughs from both men and women. And I always like to give our ex teacher an opportunity to speak to me in his good but very rusty English. For this visit, most of the old folk came out to sit on the veranda to meet and hear about our other visitors, after all it is always nice to see new faces and meet new people and a good excuse to get an entry in our visitors book :)  Thanks for coming ladies and brightening their day!

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