Friday 29 July 2011

“100 small things to make a difference” – Practical Action

My fellow VSO volunteer Gina has been blogging this week about her “greening”  and how her stint in India has changed her attitude to all causes environmental.
In itself interesting reading, but then today I caught sight of this great FREE downloadable “100 Small Things to make a difference” poster from Practical Action and it seems appropriate to share it and make sure it  gets a helping hand to a wider audience. ( Fellow bloggers – reblog please)
It has some good ideas, & not just for the kids it is aimed at. It focuses on the 6Rs (Reduce , Reuse, Recycle , Repair, Refuse, Rethink) – we can all do one if not many of these easily. It includes at least one in common with those Gina writes about – using less toilet paper!
For those educationalists reading this blog their website has further accompanying freebies .

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