Sunday 31 July 2011

What’s the buzzz this morning? A “måhu-rå båsa”


This morning I go out to join my landlady Sushila and her daughter and our sabzi walla on the front porch to  be met with “ssh, aså. måhu dekhå, aså aså”  ssh, “come, look at the honey bees”.
Overnight our house has a  new addition, the busy bees have built a nest! The hive or “ båsa” is probably about 2 ft across hanging from  the underside of our under construction upper floor roof. Seemingly they were swarming all around when Sushila  first go it up this morning but have settle down now.
I wonder how big it will get, and how long it will stay?


  1. OMG thats the biggest nest I've ever seen!

    Thanks for sharing now I feeling better about the bees and less worried about collapse. I've seen a lot of bees this summer in NA.

    Great to "See" you Sheila!

  2. Glad the bees are making a comeback stateside, they were clearly suffering in the UK a couple of years back. The hive didn't last very long, although in some ways a good site, in others it wasn't - we have workmen working so lots of coming and going, noise and vibration. So I was a bit surprised they chose our house, but the uneven unfinished concrete work must have offered a strong foundation for sticky up the hive. But one cold spell and some rain and they buzzed of elsewhere, it may have been too exposed to the elements. Anyways for one reason or another they went just as quickly as they came. Now there is absolutely no trace it was ever there!