Monday 24 February 2014

Communion for John Veitch


Thursday evening saw our book group meeting relocated from the Library to a house nearby because of an accident. We didn’t know much of the details except that an elderly man had died after a heart attack whilst driving and died on the spot. His car had ended up lodged into the neighbouring shop wall.

This morning I arrived at my Creative Writing Group to be told the sad news that it was one of our number, John Veitch,  who was the driver of the car. I’ve only been going to the group for a few weeks now and am still getting to know people so I knew very little about John except that he had a very distinctive vocal style, with well rounded pronunciation and a voice that carried authority and distance.  In his writings, and to other members of the group, he often spoke about his late wife whom he clearly missed.

As a group we wrote for John today and here is my tribute.


She awaits your hand

at the ending of your days

her open arms hold sway

to dance again with you to some ethereal band

a Moonlight Sonata in heaven’s land

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