Thursday 1 February 2018

Review: Acuérdate - Remember by Juan Rulfo

Acuérdate Acuérdate by Juan Rulfo
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This story is available online in the original Spanish at and in English at https://latinamericanshortstories.fil...

Not until the end of this story is the reason revealed for the narrator's rambling on about how "we" must remember Urbano Gómez. We hear about who is is, what he did, that he was more or less our age, and who his parents and sisters were. It is as if the narrator is speaking directly to us, that "we"are the recipient of the narrator's urging to remember Urbano, that "we" knew him, and ***SPOILER ALERT*** ultimately that "we" had a part to lay in his end because it is "us" who taunted him when he was expelled from school, who avoided him and left him to be friendless.

ashramblings verdict 4* The writer relentlessly draws the reader into the collusion and in doing so "we" essentially confess our role in Urbano's fate. Nicely done.

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