Thursday 7 January 2010

Sabzi-wallas and other assorted cycle-wallas

There are various men and women who come round the district, the "nagar", selling their wares.

These pictures are of my sabzi-walla, she comes every 2-3 days with a selection of veg, this morning black beans, aubergine and sago. As I've described in my previous post she goes door to door touting her veg, carrying it in a basket on her head along with her weights and weighing pans.

Up to now it has only been sabzi wallas that I've seen but yesterday I heard the call and rushed out hoping for one to find a man on a cycle selling door mats, unfortunately I'm not quick enough and he has cycled off down the lane, just  when I needed one! What luck! I'll have to become better at identifying their calls and being quick of the mark for those on cycles as my nagar is too long hike into town. The way to hail the vegetable sellers is to shout "pariba" but as for hailing back other vendors I've yet to find out - Perhaps I'll give the Hindi "Sunniye!" / "Listen up!" a try next time!

I am reminded somewhat of "Betterware"  sales men who came door to door when I was a child and also the various vans that came to my village selling groceries, bread and milk et. They saved housewives the trek into town by bus and the carriage of heavy goods back home. My mother would make a weekly grocery list and give it to the van man who would bring her box of goodies back the following week. I may have to get used to a similar way of sourcing things - like undergoing a bit of time travel!

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