Tuesday 8 September 2009

Every girl needs a good bag!

Yeah, you know what I mean, one with lots of pockets for all your bits and bobs - remember that scene from the movie One Fine Day - just how much stuff did Michelle Pfeiffer's character have in her bag!! Something for every occassion - contingency planning to an extreme!

Well I've never really been a very girly girl, usually content with a slightly smaller bag, enough for purse and keys. But when it comes to today's electronic gadgets, I succumb. What with camera, card reader, charger, ipod, ebook reader, solar charger etc I needed a bigger bag. Everyone who was into cameras came up with the same recomendation - Crumpler. So I tracked them down and picked out an appropriate one. Imagine my surprise to find its name is the New Delhi! Clearly fate. So here it is, my new pride and joy has arrived. Now I just need to make sure I can actually get everything in it. So many pockets, what will I fill them with......


  1. Crumpler eh? Never heard of it but I might just put one on my birthday wish-list! Every time we go somewhere I'm jamming my camera, battery chargers, media cards, memory sticks, notepads and pens, and a book or two - into my purse which is filled with more wadded up scraps of paper, a cellphone, my wallet and not a sign of girly girl contents. No room! I usually end up dragging around a plastic bag filled with my crap - a Crumpler would look much more stylish - and easier!!!

    Thanks for sharing your Teaser - you should play along and post your own here and link back to the host site - especially if your books are related to your India travels!

  2. That bag is awesome! Seriously. I'm with The Bumbles and need to get one. It looks like a courier bag...inspired by bike riders? Is it over one shoulder? I don't know if you ever went camping when you were a kid...but I am always amazed at the difference betwee outdoor and survval gear...traveling gear from back then to now. We used to have bags that were as heavy as tehe contents and clothes and sleeping gear that weighed more than our own bodies. Design has come a long way...to the benefit for adventurous people like you!

  3. Yes it is an over the shoulder bag, complete with another strap to help keep it on it your are running, riding a bike etc. The internal compartment comes out, leaving you a large open space bag. I keep finding new pockets in it - its amazing! The internal compartment is full of Velcro partitions so you can self style the interior depending on what you need to carry. Definitely one for your wish lists ladies.

    Candy, I remember my first rucksack, heavy metal frame, made from that ochre coloured scout type canvas material, dug into all the soft parts of me, awful. My next one was one of those lightweight aluminium framed ones which sat high on your back, much lighter. Rusksacks have now gone from my travel luggage after a back problem, and I have had a Vando soft top wheelie since I started travelling again and it has served me well and will hopefully survive the India trip as well. Yes things have changed dramatically for the better with regard to materials and equipment. The best article I ever bought was a pair of Meridian North Face trousers, very lightweight, they dry in a couple of hours, overnight even in the tropics and truly robust. I bought them in 2005 and I still have them. They have been on 5 continents with me, ridden a camel, survived the desert, the tropics, the boat, and will be going to India with me. Yes design and materials have advanced dramatically - all for the better I think.