Saturday 18 September 2010

Monsoon rains

Head down, heading homeI thought it might be interesting to try and  capture on camera the monsoon for those who have never experienced it. These are just from a normal day at this time of year here, nothing special. rain2

Hopefully they convey some of the sense of what it is like - notice the outpouring from  the roof the building opposite the house, and the amount of runoff from the steps, even the poor  cow has her head down heading home :) That's a bit like how I felt and looked after yesterday's soaking! 

The nagar is a quagmire. The shots below taken at the rear of the house between me and the railway line show what  is normally a dry dusty lane has become a stream of muddy water, and lots of water standing around going nowhere.
    New river  new river 2
The upside is that temperatures are much cooler, very pleasant for a good night's sleep. The downside is everything takes a while to dry. I currently have 3 sets of clothes trying to dry in my rooms, after yesterday's and today's downpours. I recall only once before getting so near to having no dry clothes - Mrs T, do you remember? You, me and Tony getting drenched walking back from the ruins at Palenque? Well think that time and make the rains last all day!


  1. how long does it last? looks a lot like hurricane season in South GA, we always get the outer bands of rain but we dry out very quickly.

  2. Yes it would be a bit like hurricane season which I've experienced in Central America, minus the huge winds.

    Yesterday afternoon's was about 2-2.5 hours solid. Today - well it was raining this morning, took a break for about 1 hour mid morning, when I made a dash for the neighbourhood grocery store. Shortly after noon it was back on again. At about 3 the downpour for an hour or so, peetering out to a drizzle. Current humidity levels about 85% and a nice cool 20C evening. YOu can see our weather at

    As for drying out, the nagar was still slippy and muddy this morning after yesterdays downpour. Thick reddish brown stuff, very spongy, almost sucking you in. It can take a flip flop sandel of your feet!

    Everyone here tells me it is not at all bad this year - now bad can also mean no monsoon :)
    At least its not like the flooding in Pakistan and Leh!