Wednesday 10 November 2010

Diwali 2010

PB050333 PB050377Diwali, has religious significance to Hindus and others, but for most folks it is as the festival of Lights that it happens in practice, more akin to Bonfire night in the UK in that it is a great excuse for adults to have fun with firecrackers. And it goes on all week! So many fireworks are let off here the air is thick with the aroma of gunpowder and the whole of the evening sky is lit up and the noise would drone out even the honks of the trains here!
PB050357PB050385We just happened to be in the Daspalla Hotel  in Vizag on that evening and the hotel management put on a show on the forecourt. All the guests and staff came out were given sparklers and fizzy wires.
It was really great to see the staff, mostly young, men and women, smiling and letting go

Numerous roman candles, rockets, white showers, catherine wheels  or "chakras" and others were set alit.  PB050338

In India at this time, houses abound with candles, and the outside of the hotel was decked out with Happy Diwali sign and the entrance foyer had a lovely colourful typically Indian Rangoli design  for the day.
PB050290  PB050291 PB050393
The next picture is from the day before in Arakku where the village market was in full throw and sugar cane was everywhere. I did wonder why there was so much around and it wasn't till the following day as we got to Vizag  in the evening that we found out why....The markets were again filled with sugar cane. Very pleased young men were to be seen standing with tall bunches of sugar cane stacks waiting to catch the bus or auto home. Seemingly these are prized as gifts for the women in their lives - the notorious Indian sweet  tooth again!  
PB050379With the fireworks, there were none of the health and safety issues we get plagued with back home - "Don't hold sparklers in your hands" - Dah? isn't that exactly what they are meant for? And certainly none of the "Light touch paper and stand well back", "Do not return to a lighted unexploded firework". Instead folks, stood by them as they went up, were showered by spent casings, flying ash, and sparks. Certainly no shouts of " Sabu tan", Be careful!
But absolutely great fun! And a chance to explore the night settings and capabilities of my new camera.

PB050304 PB050314    PB050332

PB050329 PB050331  PB050386
      PB050374PB050349 PB050375

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