Monday 18 July 2011

Expectations and deliverables - a postscript

As I mentioned in a previous post one  of the things I have done is an HR Assessment from which I provided suggestions for improvements to the HR Manual, and a process for the incorporation of a Gender strategy. This I did last year. Nothing very much had come if it, and I had put it down to one of those “bedding in” tasks which let the NGO know more about the volunteer and acquaints the volunteer with the organisation, while the specific topic of the task may well need to be written off , never to see the light of day again. Now that’s Ok. When placement outlines are drawn up some quite generic statements are made like the 3 original objectives in mine: once you are “bedded in” and accepted by colleagues refinements and adjustments can be made.  I knew we’d return to this topic if we got round to doing a full Organisational Assessment, and when we began the process for Credibility Alliance Certification and yes it did come up again during the OA. Still, other things needed to happen and be done, and it has been sitting quietly on the back burner for some time.
Since the beginning of May,  as part of the change transformation in Shakti, Mr P has more time to spend at the main Rayagada office, and he specifically indicated that he would have available to spend more time on the detail of many of the things he and I are working on but are pending his review, action or decision. It has been great to see this actually happening – he has been attentive to the timelines for several concept notes submission and project proposals, he has been participative in and supportive of the MIS & IT training programme, and is investing his time in the web redesign project.
Then this morning I am called into his office: he has a question about my annotated comments on the Gender Strategy draft! I’d not even realised he was reviewing it. Very nice! Now I have to go back and reread it  :)

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