Wednesday 14 September 2011

Calling all school teachers……

My landlady’s daughter is just about to sit here Term 1 exams for this academic year. She is in Class 9, at  an English medium school, which means all her subjects are taught in English. This is the first year of her education where this has been the case. She’s just been in to ask if I could find her some sample papers on the web. Oh how things change from my day :) No web, no sample papers at school level.

So it got me thinking how does the standard of education really compare?  Not having kids, nor an education background myself I thought I might share the link to the sample papers and ask if any teachers reading this would post their considered opinions.  Is the syllabus like what she would be studying if she was in school in your country?  Is the exam format the same as in your country? How alike is the syllabus?  How alike is the type of questions? Any other insightful thoughts and comments would be most interesting to hear.

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