Monday 3 September 2012

Eating Eritrean food


Taita and shiro

A bit back my flatmate C and I took a walkover to our VSO staff colleague’s house close to where I used to stay. Y is originally from Eritrea and it was an opportunity for me to taste a new cuisine, although I skipped out from final course, the coffee, and instead had Arabic style tea served with cardamom and clove which I have had before. the main meal however was all new tastes.

The main staple is injera. Looking very similar to a think pancake or an Indian dhosa, injera is made from a flour of Teff grains (great for celiacs by the way) Botanically is a very old species, Eragostis tef, and highly nutritious. Taste wise I’d liken the resultant dough to a thin flat unrisen sourdough. I liked it, its sour taste compliments the spicy food really well. It is finger food, eaten by breaking of a piece of the injera and using it to soak up the various sauces. Y served two sauces: one made with chickpeas called shiro and the other a meat sauce called zigni . Yum yum / tu’um tu’um . A cooking lessons has been promised and if/when it materialises recipe instructions will follow

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