Thursday 18 September 2014

Forgotten writings (1) The Border’s Gate

I forget to post two pieces of writing I did early this summer, here’s the first.


The Border’s Gate

False boundaries put in place

by faceless men with pen and ink.

Straight lines dividing this and that

where in reality grey shades the white and black.


Families separated, torn apart,

Religion ravishing a lover’s heart.

Hold sway the multitude of hate

that beckons at the border’s gate.


The enemy beyond, unheard

sows seeds of fear in every bed/head

The outside world looks on reviled

by every killing of another child.


Step by step revenge is paired

One man here, another there.

Endless cycles of martyr making

The fragile peace once more is shaking.


They come from north and east and west

They come from the south to do their best

to styme the tide and halt the push

as at the border gate they push.

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