Monday 16 March 2015

The Perfect Now

For today’s trigger, our Creative Writing Tutor brought in a small stone he’d found on a beach years ago. It is about 1.25-1.5 in in diameter and unusually for natural materials, almost perfectly round. We spent a few minutes hypothesising whether it was natural or man made, whether it had been fashioned by nature or man, whether it was a fossil or not, whether there was something inside it or whether it was solid stone. Here’s what I wrote.


Would I have the patience to wait

until my final day

to crack the stone

to open the box

and see what had been left inside?



would I, like a child,

fiddle with it,

caress it, smell it, lick it,

sit on my hands and fidget,

turning my head this way and that,

crawl beneath the table it lies on,

hide it in a cupboard,

in a vain attempt

to banish it from my mind?


No chocolate to be left on the plate.

No stone to be left unturned.

No adventure to be left unexperienced.

No future to be left untransformed

into a now

to be lived to the full.


© Sheila Ash 16th March 2015

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