Saturday 12 December 2015

Heralding anew

I am your lover, waiting in the wings
Do not walk aimlessly while you can sing.
I am your lover, desire resting in my hands
Do not sit upon reflection when others make their plans.

I will be your lover, your future I behold
Do not wander lost my love, in a past already told.
I am your lover, your true north, day and night
Do not live without direction thinking only of what might.

I am your lover, waiting by the door
The New Year who beckons forward holding out so much more
Step in and greet me lovingly like a long lost friend
I promise to stay with you right to the other end.

Yes we will have our ups and downs, my dear
but yes we’ll have some fun,
So come wave the old year out, my love
and herald in the year to come.

© Sheila Ash 12 December 2015


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