Tuesday 9 February 2016

My weekly trip to Tesco’s

This week at our Creative Writing Group we had a visiting tutor Piers Blaikie who post academic life has become a short story writer. He set us the following 15 minute exercise …my weekly trip to Tesco’s (I am blind).

Bemused before the wall of loaves
I stand and stare
the choice of fayre
dazzles me.

Four years without such markets grand
more used to buying hand to hand
from sabzi-wallas’ baskets
perched effortlessly on their heads
replaced now by wheeled affairs
with left hand biases
bumped and bruised by hurried shoppers
this and that flung in the hopper
spewed across the exit lane
gathered in and packed again.

How much bread does one man need?
the sourdough roll and poppy seed
Endless lines of blinding choices
lost in surplus, glut and noises
My trolley empty
My eyes moist
My heart rejoices.

© Sheila Ash 8th February 2016

Memories of my first trip to a supermarket on my return the UK after living abroad.

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