Monday 16 January 2017

Snowed in

As she approaches I smile and pick up two sliders, one to cut off my pint of milk from her upcoming load and the other to block it off from the huge mounds in front of me.

“Thanks you. It’s very busy this morning”

“Yeah” I reply politely, feeling anything but as my patience levels are strenuously tested in the face of this multitude.

“Everyone has come out at the same time”, she continues

“Just my luck” I say nodding to my solitary item still standing at the back of the bay.

“They must think they are going to get snowed in”

A dismissive “Hmmm” creeps out before I could stop it. “I don’t think so. Highly unlikely. Weather conditions aren’t right for that at all”

She says nothing.

I turn back to think of my waiting cup of tea, remembering being snowed in and what a snow sky looks like. Time passes.

© Sheila Ash 16th January 2017

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