Sunday 19 November 2017

The world according to - by Sheila Ash

Lets go to Ben Brown in Harare, a momentous morning.

Yeah. When you think about it….

Lucy, tidy those toys up. I won’t tell you again.

- for almost 4 decades….whom she forced out – gotta find a way to constitutionally remove him – - that’s if he doesn’t go voluntarily -

Rocky. Basket. Now.

Always under my fuckin’ feet

- everyone pretty much would like to see - he’s being pretty stubborn about it as he has been for years -

Jake, what you want with your bacon?

- the dawn of a new era, he can go farming -

sausage? you got sausage?

- the decision has been taken - - has come 180 degrees since last week –

Josh, get dressed, out of those PJs now, move

- how much more humiliation he’s prepared to accept –

Where’s your brother, he up yet?

no make that fried eggs, luv.

- what his demands are? What potential fate –

Tim, get up or you won’t get to the game on time

- we will go back on the streets and we will sort this out ourselves – - was running out by the minute –

Watch the timer Rosie, when it’s emptied, you shout me, OK?

- veneer of legality –

Rocky! Not again

- trying to find the right words –

Luce, get hold of that pup.

- legal process still has to catch up with that – he simply becomes irrelevant -

You wanted a dog now learn how to control it

- a key part of negotiations -

else it will have to go

- his own sense of his own dignity -

- he refuses to accept reality ….his world has vanished -

Mum I can’t find my football shorts

- we’ll fix this -

On the ironing pile

- most people do not know another leader. The fact that he’s being turfed out…

- respect for elder, elders should be treated with dignity

Rosie, go get your dad. Breakfast is ready

- it was extraordinary, he dressed up in academic robes - - for him it looked like business as usual

Ding Dong

- what follows?

Mum, Rocky’s messed the floor! Yuck.

- people power, things have changed –

Jake, can you get the door, it’ll be Amazon

- ruled by autocracy -- to move on, whoever –

Mrs Johnson?

Yes, sign here.

Can you lift that in for me.

Thank you.

- transitional government leading to elections next year - - fractured opposition… - the path ahead uncertain -

OK. Luce, Rice Crispies.

Rosie, Boiled egg.

Josh, bacon sannie.

Jake, bacon, sausage, fried eggs.

Tim! Porridge is getting cold!

- at the moment people are just celebrating –

Where’s the coffee?

- Ben Brown in Harare, thanks very much

© Sheila Ash 19th November 2017

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