Saturday, 1 December 2018

Review: Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbø

Blood on Snow Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbø

I couldn’t disagree more with the reviewers (New York Times, The Guardian) of this book who dismiss it as not being up to parr with Nesbo’s Harry Hole creation. For me he has succeeded writing a real page turner in the unlikely voice of hitman Olav Johanson.

Olav, who had been introduced to Les Misérables as a sick child, finds he wants to create stories, and that’s what he does around his life and his victims. He transposes Fantine onto Maria who he saves from being forced into prostitution to pay of her junkie boyfriend's debts to a drug baron. He transposes Cosette onto his boss’s wife, whom he loves and wants to flee to Paris with. The problem is his boss has asked him to kill her. As Olav tries to resolve this dilemma by offering to kill his boss for competitor drug lord, The Fisherman, I found myself transfixed by Nesbo’s short novel. As with other Scandinavian writings, the weather, the environment plays its part – here the snow, the ice, the cold is ever present and ever chilling. Another Nesbo for the movie moghuls to get their hands on I suspect, lets hope they do a better job than with the other Nesbo books they have attempted.
ashramblings 4* – great winter’s day noir-ish thriller of a read.

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