Thursday 2 November 2023

The Beautiful Dawn by Sheila Ash - the rewrite - in memoria for N

I first wrote this in 2018 for the most important person in my life in my life.
Following his death last week, I've revisited it and  tweaked it.
For all our dreams unrealised and for those "beautiful moments" shared.
RIP N ❤️ Always loved, S

The Beautiful Dawn the rewrite  - in memoria for N





Once I dreamt of her, The Beautiful Dawn,
while softly humming James Blunt
and watching you sleep.
white voiles breezing in the open windows
caressing the morning’s silent entrance
the sun stirring as you should be.
coral sands and blue waters calling
the sail is up, the wind astern
outward to the ocean
that endless horizon of dreams
we set sail.

© Sheila Ash, 2 Nov 2023

Note:It is of course a reference to James Blunt song
and the dream of a boat to be called The Beautiful Dawn

"Beautiful dawn,
lights up the shore for me
There is nothing else in this world
I'd rather wake up and see
with you"

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