Thursday 13 August 2009

Getting the house in order

In anticipation of being away for so long I thought I’d better get the house in good order, so I’ve have a plan to catch up with all those jobs that need doing. With being away for much of last year nothing much got done last summer, and since the house is quite old the list is inevitably getting long.

The first big job was due to be the painter, to tackle the outside of the house. It has been 4 years since it got its last lick of paint and the weather was beginning to tell on the woodwork and so it certainly wouldn’t have lasted. So I bit the bullet expense wise and booked a decorator. Obviously outside jobs are dependent upon good weather and he had anticipated being here towards month end, weather permitting. Well as we all know weather in the UK has not been the most predictable this summer so imagine my surprise when he phones up yesterday to say he can come and start!

So there we were yesterday afternoon in the pouring rain, him spray cleaning and fungiciding the walls and me moving the log pile from aside the house to the bottom of the garden! Drenched in no way adequately describes just how wet I was! At least today has been fair and sunny for cutting back all the shrubs in order to clear a working path to the walls. I now have a satifying glow that my part of job number 1 is done! G&T time I think!


  1. So, that's what the comment about moving logs on Facebook was all about! Congratulations on making this very big first step.

  2. Hmmm - I thought only beavers and lumberjacks moved logs! Poor soul - soaked through eh? There is satisfaction in the completion of a taxing job. My hubby can almost always find a good time for a Tanqueray & Tonic - it is his favorite summer cocktail - but especially on the sunny days. At least I assume G&T stands for Gin & Tonic. If not, do tell.

  3. Corect Molly, but I'm a Bombay Sapphire girl myself.