Saturday 15 August 2009

Happy Independence Day to India!

Other than what I’ve acquired through general knowledge, I supposed most of my understanding of Indian history has been through books like Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children , the Michael Wood’s BBC TV series The Story of India and movies like Gandi. So as 15th August is India’s Independence Day, I thought I’d better start to learn more about the history of the country which will be my home for the next two years.

I found a helpful facts and figures page from the The Times of India in its Independence Day special coverage pages. I can't wait to hear first hand news from folks in India about what it has been like to be there today.


  1. Sheila, have I mentioned how very much I admire you? The longer I live and the more people I come to know, both in my personal life and here on the net, the more convinced I become that true happiness and inner peace comes only from the love, concern and giving that we bestow on our brothers and sisters in this world, and how we treat our families, the folks who love us the most in this world. I don't care how far we travel or whatever part of the so called beautiful life we experience. If we do not leave a legacy of true caring, then we really leave NOTHING and our lives amount to little more than dust in the wind. You will leave a strong and mighty legacy for all whose lives you touch. You are an amazing person and you are a hero.

  2. Sadly Independence Day here in Delhi was really quiet. I was expecting lots of celebrations and kite-flying but it rained, nearly all the shops and all the historic sites were closed because of security fears so we stayed inside doing Oriya homework all day!

  3. Aw that's a shame, but I suspect extra Oriya work won't be a bad thing!