Thursday 4 February 2010

A surprise invite!

I'm slumbering away in bed this morning trying to wake up - well you know me and mornings :)  - when the door bell goes. It is still before 8AM! It can't be my sabzi walla this early, surely! I scramble for the door keys , unlock the door to be met by my landlady and a man - he looks familar but I can't place him. It turns out he is our neighbour from the blue house across the road from us. He has come to invite me over on Sunday evening to attend the celebration for their elder daughter's wedding, saying they would really like me to come to experience an Indian wedding. I'm amazed. The formal invitation is presented. It would be lovely to attend I reply, trying to be polite in my pyjamas!

So now I just have to find out about Indian wedding ettiquete - dooes one arrive early, on time, late? Does one take a gift? If so what would be appropriate from me? What is the appropriate attire?
The invite says dinner at 7:30PM, the groom arrives 8PM, and the marriage ceremony is 10:55PM. All incredibly precise for Indian stretch time.

I ask at work and am told the wedding timings are very fixed, 10:55 PM will have been indicated by the bride and grooms horoscopes as an auspicious time. I'm advised I should arrive later than 7:30 but before 8PM and that the whole thing will last till about 11:30PM Sanghamitra assures me one of the outfits I bought last weekend will be perfect acceptable and yes there ought to be a gift or a gift envelope of money and tells me that appropriate amount for me is an amazingly small 100 rupees!

I'm sure I'll end up being the subject of much interest, but roll on Sunday!


  1. Oh Sheila how exciting! Can't wait to hear about your experience. I'm sure you will be a subject of interest - just don't upstage the Bride!

  2. Brilliant Sheila
    what a marvellous thing to include you like that...
    100 inr = about £1.40...
    I'm sure your natural generosity will push that particular boat just a little further out...
    look forward to your report

  3. Oh Molly Heaven forbid I upstage the bride, or indeed the groom, who will no doubt arrive in style. Whilst in Delhi we saw lots of parades through the streets at night during their wedding season. The grooms arrive on white horseback, draped in red saddle cloths, best outfits for horse and rider, with lots of music and drumming, and general noise. What will happen here I wonder? Traditions vary not just between states but alway between religions and castes. I'm told by my coworkers this family as Brahmin. Eagerly awaiting the experience, and Yes Ken I think I can up the ante a bit, but I don't want to appear miserly or overly austentatious, etiquette is key.

  4. Wonderful. I hope you can take some pics. What an exciting turn of events!

    Of course, i am giggling about you in your pjs...good thing you had them on!