Tuesday 23 June 2015

A Song of Joy and Pain

Sitting there upon your knees

Hair blows gently in the breeze

softened up by all your charms

resting peaceful in your arms


Sinking gentle in the waves

Smoothing all my woes and pains

Was the moment that you came

Loudly shouting forth my name


Paradise upon the ocean

Thrilled by love and devotion

Looking only for the sun

Life together just begun


You said we would be forever

Always holding fast together

Through until the end of time

Staying true and being mine


From the moment I first met you

From the moment that you shook me

From the moment I first took you

was the moment that you hooked me


Still waters still run deep

Memories invade my sleep

Broken hearts alone remain

Nothing left can be the same


Mother nature cannot shift you

Fork lift trucks cannot lift you

Little pills cannot rift you

from deep inside my brain


Nothing I do can ever move you

Nothing I say can ever restore you

Nothing I feel can ever replace you

There is nothing without you


Broken hearts alone remain

Bearing all your brutal pain

Drowning daily in the strain

I love standing in the rain


Washing away all my tears

Washing away all the years

Washing away what could have been

Washing away the great unseen


© Sheila Ash, 2015

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