Sunday 26 December 2010

Nora Batty meets Quasimodo!

I thought I had found the perfect answer to cold feet in a country where one takes ones shoes off at every house,shop, office, temple door and walks on freezing cold marble, and where shoes means flip flops (thongs to my Antipodean friends), namely socks with toes. Having consigned one of few pairs of socks I possess here to the waste bin after I visited the Rat Temple at Bikaner (but more of that later), I needed to find a replacement. My friendly ladies outfitters had only one type of sock, puice coloured pink (no choice)  in either nylon (no thanks!) or cotton (yes, please) at 35 or 40 Rupees respectively. Two pairs were purchased and on arriving home, washing my feet I put them on, or attempted to. Clearly they are not made for western feet misshaped by 50plus years of wearing shoes !  Nor for the musculature of my calves as I can only just get them over my ankles :)  The result looks like a cross between Nora Batty(*) and a Quasimodo glove puppet! So maybe in 2011 life will deliver me a Compo (*) x Esmeralda !
(*) Hint: For non BBC TV watchers, check out the characters in the series Last of Summer Wine

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  1. I would love to smell her bunions and smell her feet if she was alive