Friday 31 December 2010

Rajasthan (14) – Jodhpur (part 2)

PC011455PC011498Part of the Meherangarh Fort is now given over to a museum with a collection of palanquins (sedan chairs). I’ve never ridden in a sedan chair, although always fancied being borne aloft! These were a real mixed bunch, some ornate, some were works of art, some were open, some enclosed, some looked comfortable, others did not!





  PC011458 PC011461 PC011462 PC011463 PC011465

It also house a surprisingly interesting collection of daggers and other sharp weaponry. I loved the filigree inlays of these, echoing the jali and the symmetrical patterns found in the buildings.

PC011507  PC011513 PC011514  PC011516 PC011519  PC011521 PC011524 PC011525 PC011527 PC011528


PC011717PC011659On down the road a little distance form the fort lies the Jaswant Thanda, a marbled mausoleum of a memorial to a Maharajas (what is it about Indian building that make them seem to resemble multi-tiered wedding cakes!) surrounded by cenotaphs to other royals, formal gardens, with a local water supply capable of attracting what I think were like some sort of cormorant – Ken, identification appreciated if you are around, and NB more birds to come!




PC011699 PC011689 PC011704 PC011687 PC011698

The new part of the town was interesting in its own way, clearly Jodhpur folks are quite affluent and don’t want to stay living within the old city and so the equivalent of new housing estates are springing up along with some up market hotels.  All very different from where I am in Orissa – worlds apart!.

PC011724 PC011725 PC011726 PC011729 PC011730 PC011728


  1. Identification: the larger more colourful birds are Great Cormorant (definitely), the smaller darker bird (I reckon) is a Little Cormorant.
    Happy New Year to you Sheila.
    We had a great time away with No2 son and his partner in Bantry but I brought back probably the worst head cold I have ever had - one week on just rejoining the human race.
    Glad I'm not in Queensland.
    Ain't Rajasthan just wonderful.
    All the best
    Ken xxx

  2. Thanks to Ken our resident bird watcher for the identification!

    Glad you all had a great time, sorry to hear about the head cold. I think head colds whilst not life threatening are one of the nastiest things to go down with, you just feel miserable and all you want to do is cuddle up with a pillow and wish it would go away so you could actually breathe and get some sleep.

    Yes Rajasthan was great. Re colleague from Delhi, Brooke, is home there on vacation!

    So Ken, watch out for the Birds of Bikaner, coming soon to a blog near you! If you ever get back you MUST go there!