Friday 24 December 2010

Rajasthan (11) Ranakpur

Continuing my series of picture diaries from my Rajasthan vacation

PB281268 PB281269At the Jain Temple at Ranakpur we got our first sight of Jain nuns.  They are very distinctive: they cover their mouths and carry around mops to sweep away animal life from their paths so as not to kill it. They believe all living things souls are diving, that there is no one supreme deity. The temple carvings were superb, ornate ceilings, intricate pillars, the works.

PB281259 PB281210 PB281211     PB281218PB281216    PB281223PB281215PB281217PB281222PB281226PB281221PB281225PB281220      PB281232PB281242PB281230 PB281236PB281214  PB281229        PB281234PB281237 PB281238 PB281235PB281243PB281239  PB281244PB281241       PB281246PB281250   PB281251 PB281245PB281252  PB281255  PB281257

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