Wednesday 15 December 2010

Rajasthan (9) Udaipur - The City Palace

We did the tourist thing and visited The City Palace, a labyrinthine maze of 11 mahals or palaces and clearly a place one could get lost in.  Again all the classic architectural features of hanging balconies, courtyards, ornate tiles and paint work, light distributing mirrors, cooling marble work and an abundance of colour in this video diary. Note in the last picture the mounting steps in front of the palace, the higher one is for elephants!

PB270928PB270930 PB270938

PB270946 PB270952 PB270954 PB270956 PB270960 PB270964 PB270971-crop-crop

PB270969 PB270979 PB270984

PB270986 PB270995 PB271003

PB271006 PB271016 PB271023

PB271019 PB271027 PB271031 PB271040

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