Thursday 31 December 2009

New addition

No, I am still waiting to become a great aunt for the second time. Baby Ash has not decided to arrive just yet. He or she was due on 18th December but I'm thinking s/he is waiting till the cold spell the UK are having is past, either that or s/he is angling to thwart Mel's NY celebrations and make her wait till 2010 for a celebratory drink!

Instead this refers to the arrival in my house of a table - wow! This means that I now have somewhere to place my meals, my light, my kettle, use my iron, my blender/grinder instead of the floor. Little things mean a lot :) Now I just have to find another chair or a small table as currently my sole chair is being used as a bedside table for water, light, glasses, clock etc. But progress. I'm sure other things will be acquired with time and when two arms are back functioning to help carry things. But tonight I will sit at my table and eat!


  1. A table is progress indeed...and just think of the progress you will make in the course of 2010. With every good wish for the New Year!

    Helen x

  2. How precious! I love the table covering, very pretty.

    Dear Sheila, all the best to you in the new year. I hope all your goals manifest! I am so glad to know you and have you and be...a friend. Blessings to know such a great person as you!

    Lots of love and hugs,

  3. p.s.

    here is a friend of mine's blog in India. He always has wonderful photography...

    I think you might enjoy his blog...

  4. Tx for the NY 2010 best wishes everyone

    By the way, it is a girl, born just after midnight UK time, so the first baby of 2010 in the area. As december had a Blue Moon, she's a Blue Moon baby - very auspicious! So I am now a great aunt again, although I won't end up seeing her for two years. Matt says she'll be walking before I meet her. :)

    Candy, tx for the blog link I took a quick peek and his phots are superb. He must have a really professional good camera.

  5. Happy Table, Sheila. And Happy New Year too.

    Gill and I survived our trip to Elgin and back (late last night). ASTONISHING amount of snow up there ...and that in a part of Scotland that has none at all most winters. Temperatures back in Essex are actually about the same as they were in Scotland but little precipitation, so no skiing down the street here.

    How's that arm of yours?

    All the best


  6. Hi Paul, Glad your trip up north went well. It is comparatively cold here at the moment, especially at night. And I am so glad I am not spending overnights out at our field offices just now - they'd be really cold by anyone's standards.

    The arm is progressing fine and I hope to persuade the doctors to remove the cast at the end of this week assuming the same rate of progress as I am currently experiencing. Fingers crossed, as the cast is driving me mad.

    How's the book club going? I'm reading a lot at the moment in the evenings - check out the goodreads reviews via the book cover pictures at the bottom right of the blog.

    You can send that parcel any time now. I have received a christmas card OK here and your good luck card in Delhi, and I believe there is a small packet on route from the US. If there is any extra space, toilet tissue, paper tissues, a pumice stone would be usefull additions. Tx

    All the best for 2010 to you and Gill