Saturday 19 December 2009

Waste disposal - pictures

I ask about this to be met by blank looks and am always told just to put it out. I’m incredible self conscious just dumping my rubbish although as you see local garbage collectors of all shapes and sizes abound. Some how I can’t see that the taste of plastics and cardboard boxes as being appealing even to them! The food waste maybe, but the rest?

I am reminded about a movie  Divine Intervention by Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman which contains a scene about neighbour squabbling over one neighbour flinging his rubbish over his garden wall but into the garden of the other. At least my neighbours are garbage eaters and  so far they haven’t strayed into my house or flung the garbage back at me! I think this manner of waste disposal is one of the things I shall find hardest to come to terms with and in some ways I hope I don’t so that I do not become a “fly tipper” once I am back at home.


  1. Oh my! Are there tons of flies, Sheila? I think that alone would be a 'deal breaker' for me.

  2. There's not that many at all. I have seen worse in some of the Vanuatu islands. Mosquitoes abound however which means constant attention at dawn and dusk, always sleeping under a net. And then of course there are the daytime bitingg mozzie as well, you just can't get away from them.

    The only possible deal breaker for me of the house I am living in is that it is so close to the railway tracks I am having difficulty sleeping through the whole night. I am persevering for now, but miss the silence of the desert and would even prefer the roar of planes going over at Stanstead!