Friday 22 October 2010

A first dalliance with the new digital camera

So it finally arrived. Ordered 11th October arrived 21st. With a promised delivery of 6-8 working days and the Dussehra holidays falling  last week I would say my first experience of online ordering (with Infibeam) in India worked pretty well. I must admit to being nervous about buying fairly substantially priced electronics, but supplier turned out OK and the postal service keeps up its 100% record of deliveries ( just rubbing salt in Hilary's experience here! )
I decided to stick with an Olympus as I have extra batteries, charger and cards already with me, and bravely opted for their new model SP-800UZ which was reviewed here and here.
Today was my first chance to take some pictures as I walked home this afternoon. It perhaps wasn't the best day with storm clouds gathering, and I know I need to get used to having a camera with such a big zoom lens which is consequently bulkier than my previous pocket camera. My hand's  steadiness needs to improve and I need to get used to where everything is on the menus, but judging from first play and from previous experience with Olympus models that should not be at all difficult.  Being a "beginner" photographer, I'm still messing around, but here are a few photos of my nagar today.
 PA220036 PA220027 PA220031
PA220012 PA220013 PA220023
PA220024  PA220042 PA220033
As a result of our first dalliance together I have to say the thing that blows me away is how easy the Panorama function is to use - three photos taken in panoramic shot, lined up via an on screen automatic target matching wizard - take picture 1, move camera and a target appears, as you move across your panorama a second target appears, as these overlay each other the camera register this and takes the second picture. Second to third picture follows in same fashion. Simples!
( I received no incentive, financial or other, for this review)


  1. Great news Sheila. Can't be in India without a camera. Take lots of pics

  2. I have an Olympus as well - their Panorama feature is terrific. Though I will say it is not so great when taking photos of the ocean - all that movement makes the images not line up so well. But fixed landscapes are awesome. Have fun learning your new toy :0)